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Uni Freak out

So last night I was looking through things to put on my LANGUAGES Jottit and I emailed my lecturer. This morning while I was going through the course material from 2 years ago I made the horrible discovery that you dont need to make a jottit for you major topic but for your minor topic. That gave me the righ tou shits. Which also meant I was on the wrong path for assignment 3a which I have to get done by Friday so I can submit it before the weekend so i can enjoy the last few days in Australia. I was also under the impression that the articles, books and journals mentioned on the issues part of blackboard were things that we had to read. So i was busily working away trying to find these things. I even had planned to go see joel this morning and then head over to the state library and find them all since I would have no hope of finding them in belgium. Which also meant I would be doing assignment 2 before I had to leave which is due in another month.  DO NOT WANT.  But yes the announce board mentioned and email which got sent out about assignment the CDU email system. I went to CDU website to see if I could get into that but then I discovered you needed to activate your account. I filled in the form and came to part of student number...woops I didnt ever get one from them only my OUA which you use to access everything. This was at 7:30 so I rang learnline support and they referred me to student services *waits hour* I called them and got this woman called Gale. She sounded half drugged. She looked up my name and apparently I'm not in the system. I'm not enrolled in any courses with OUA or CDU but I have access to black board and everything else. HMMMMMM. She's going to look into it and she recommended that I call my lecturer in the mean time to see if she could forward the email to my personal one.

I picked up the phone with shakey hands since this was the first time i've ever called a lecturer and didnt quite know what to expect. She sounded just like my nonna but wayyyy friendlier and she answered all my questions and will forward the email to me. After this relief I got a good bit done of my 3a so tomorrow when I do head over to the state library with matt I will have an idea of what to do and what I dont have to do. Thank jebus.

I only got to speak to steven very briefly since he was playing around with Maya and I was busy losing my marbles. He suggested I go out and do something fun today so soon I'll be shutting off and heading into the city for some takoyaki, archives and ddr. Then dentist -_-.

I've lost a bit of weight I'm almost at 52kgs again so I'm beating nastassia in our race to perfection lol.  But i played 1.5 hours of ddr yesterday and ate fruit salad and other healthy things....salad and chicken mainly. Takoyaki will be my splurge and I will ddr it off. I havent had any side effects regarding weight gain from the pill...yet. But I'm happy I actually got Yaz my skin is a bit better too!
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