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Uni rant.

So I do not like Charles Darwin Uni. They are confusing and give you very little explanation unless you send a million emails to your lecturer(s) I'm hoping UniSA will be better for hindi...and I also have to find something at Griffith. Contested knowledges is interesting however it makes you paranoid and has basically no use. I dont care about Yolngu languages!!!!!! blegh.

I've been putting stuff on ebay for mum but the photo uploader refuses to upload. So the load of cllothes that has been sitting on the railing will have to wait until ebay stops being a dick.

Not too long before I come back to belgium! YAYYYY I think were going to d'afspanning on the saturday but it will first be lots of (special) cuddles from Steven ^^ I decided im getting him the Digital lighting and rendering book for his birthday and just having it delivered to him without telling him that i'm actually getting him anything. However i'm not sure if he will get me anything since he didnt for xmas/ny. I just got him a cool tshirt hell shirt. Or you know maye I could just annoy him and wrap it up in black paper and bright red ribbon :P

I need to look for a new piercing studio for when I come back but ehhhh I still have time :P
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