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The Canteen Party

I'm procrastinating til lunch arrives. I have a paid translation job and I should be doing it but yeah... I need food first before I start translating Electrabels bullshit. Last night was quite fun, shame that Elke and Jim were there because I would have loved to be alone with Steven. Those two were whinging that it was late and that they were was 4am you're not meant to be tired, you're meant to take off your shirt and dance on a table like snoksken... But ANYWAY!

Overmere is a very nice little city, we have one party for the Chiro and there are 3 fight parties in the space of 3 hours. First of all it was just a few guys punching each other in the face because of somebodies girlfriend, wasnt that interesting, the second one was great. Little manzo who was so off his face picked up a table and threw it at his mates. It went outside and half of the place followed just to watch the fun. Eventually the cops and ambos came and then they had to wait for back up because it was manzo. Wankers. I was expecting it to be like Aus were they just take out the batons and start beating. So yeah that took about an hour, Elke and I had gone back inside while Steve and Jim were being Ramp toeristen (disaster tourists). The the next one was with a few people on Kriek, Elke and I didnt bother so we just sat there watching Tim do the sugar lumps dance and his girlfriend disowning him.

I'm not sure about Karlien, I'm always nice to her and I know she doesnt know Elke but she knows me. When we came in she said hi to steven and jim and then I said hi and she sorta ignored me. And I asked her if she'd seen my man when they had gone outside and she just sort of said nah... and walked off. I told Steven and he was like yeah I dont think she likes you because of the piercings. Bleh, could be that I get along with tim so well. We always talk in Chopper reid terms and we were being idiots together so. Apparently she's incapable of that. But oh well. 4am was home time, Steven and I wanted to stay but of course Jim and Elke were tired and Elke still had to drive home.

Was a good night. Now I have a translation job which is looooooooooooong and I still have to finish off my chinese assignment and study for Australian studies...since I've done nothing and I still have 2 whole modules to read before the exam. *dies* oh least i get money.
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