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Work, Uni, Pets and the usual stuff

It's been fairly busy, work has just finished last night and next saturday is the thanks party! I looted 3 wreaths and 2 bottles of wine last night and was in the beer tent til 3.30am YAYYY. I managed to sleep until 2 this afternoon without jim whinging.

Pet wise...Fuzzles isn't doing well. She hasn't grown, doesn't want to eat, can't poop on her own and is generally not herself. I need to upgrade the lamp for Bevan and shes already moving under the shade constantly. She either sits on the stone all day or hides under the tree. Bevan runs around like a crazy lizard. I called stefaan on Friday and I have to bring her to the vet on Monday. So, tomorrow. If she cant pass anything on her own she will die painfully. I'm pushing out the protein bits and then its just backed up diarhea after that. I think it's best that she doesn't suffer and that I think on her quality on life instead of keeping her for myself. Stefaan is going to have a look and see if there is anything else but I think it will be the end.  Bevan needs to grow as well and he cant do that in such a small terrarium. I'm going to look at one that Luc is selling. It's huge and cool so I think bevan will like that. I've spoken to a few people, one crazy bastard and one friendly guy for another female about bevans age and size. Jimmay, the next part WILL annoy you and make you want to hit him.

The first guy, Jan, who is from Meerhout which is on the border between Antwerp state and Limburg. He answered my ad for a dragon and said he had assorted colours and sizes. He sent me a few photos of a half red female and then a few other males. They were pretty and looked nice but of course the details of how many toes there are and if the tail is in tact etc. I tried to arrange a car to go there but because of the roadworks and traffic no one wanted to and if i bought the dragon I dont think 2 busses and 2 trains would be good for her. I told him that and he said 'yes well I'll do one thing for you, I'll take it to Mol station but then I expect that you buy the male as well. I cant have a nother male, they will kill each other. I told him that I cant have another male and I have no room for 2 terrariums. He said straight away 'then sell the other male (Bevan).' I didn't answer, because I would have said something very nasty. I was talking to Tine and we were laughing at him and then I get another email 'Do you have room for 3 females?' I said ' No I have no room for 3 females'. I got an email back almost instantly of  'ok then just the one'. This guy is trying to palm off all his dragons on me thinking I'm an idiot. Basically its a dragon mill.
I called a couple of other people but they either had males or were selling a couple. I called one guy in Braschaat and he was quite friendly and has females which are bevans size. He's going to send me photos either tonight or tomorrow. That guy is a snake breeder so.
I did my chinese exam but I still havent even gotten my second assignment back from her. Slack ass. I'm studying  Australian Studies 1A and Chinese 2B this study period. Australian studies is BORING.
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