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It's been a long week of partying, whinging, and modelling mess.

The photoshoot with Fred got and is still getting a whole heap of comments, he has been getting requests from models and i've been flooded with offers from good photographers and not so good photographers. The not so good photographers I have scared of with my 'donation' policy.

'Dear <insert photographer>

I work on TFCD however I do ask a donation of 50 euro to cover all my costs and invest in fetish and gothic clothing since it is very expensive.

The majority of them dont want to pay anyone or for anything, but the photographers who I like to work with like Johan and Ivo, they are generous. The ones I dont want to work with won't leave me alone. Like 'Gunther A.M. Vispoel' and 'Hobby fotograaf Sven Verboven' I have at least one photoshoot a week now and next week I'll start working in Festivaria. W00t Moneyyy!

Jim has taken his whinging to the next level as to where I can't do anything without hearing about it.  He wants to sell the computer he gave me because I'm not on it everyday playing COD....thats because COD decides to freeze up everytime I play it. The fact I sleep too long, the fact I'm on the computer alot, especially on MSN and netlog and facebook, the modelling thing, at the moment he has a comment for everything and I would like it to STOPPPP.

I've been to the Lokerse Feesten a lot, 3 kinda a lot considering how much I actually go out. I've been to the FonneFeesten twice and Poliphonics twice, last night was the last time I'll go, It was the tranny show with Boopsie and the other 2 guys wesley knows and Miss Travestiet 2009 Vanessa. Jim was amazed at how well he pulled it off. If you looked at him you would swear it was a woman, then he spoke and you knew it was a man. I immediately said, it's a trap! He said to me afterwards, that Vanessa is sexy, shame shes a guy. I pissed myself laughing because he was perving on a guy.

That's about it I think...the brave little toaster is on TV, I used to love the movie!!!!!!!!!!
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