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No more friends only BS

Sunday night, I broke all contact with Cayden. Apparently he couldnt go any further than good friends because I'm a trailer trash piercer. He didnt want me to dump him completely however I have blocked him on everything I can think of. Even on my phone. The lying cunt weasel couldn't even be honest with himself. He lied to Sarah for ages and broke up with her because he felt more of an 'adult' because he spent a week in Sweden.But it was at the point where I barely believed anything he told me. He's not worth it and I'm ashamed of myself for ever believing anything he ever said. I threw the keyring he gave me in the Schelde, it actually felt good. The only physical thing I had of his is gone, out of sight out of mind.

The photoshoot with Fred went GREAT! It was covered topless mostly and in a public place which was more shocking to the public then me. I saw them on his smugsmug and they look awesome! 2 hours of make up and hair paid off! They were both very nice, Fred respected the fact that topless in public is a bit harder especially when there are kids and LOTS of tourists around with their own cameras (also a problem for him ). Corry is a perfectionist and was really picky with the makeup but the result speaks for itself.

Today I cleaned, played yoville, went to the chemist and went to Marcs place to fix up his ebay. Tomorrow I think were going to the Media Markt. I'll have to make sure jim doesnt get back onto WoW. He downloaded the trial and played it for like 30 mins. In that 30 mins I threatened to leave him, beat him with a cushion, threw a ball at his head and hit on Steven to get him off the computer. It worked but he didnt like WoW as much as he thought the rest of the world does. He doesnt understand addiction to one single game since hes just generally addicted to the computer.

The modelling thing is starting to get to him. Like going to lots of places and then taking photos in provocative positions and shit. I'm not sure if its jealousy or that he doesnt want me to be seen. Although what's weird is he sent me a link from Pabo magazine that theyre searching for new models. I put in an entry but I doubt I'll even get through. If I did the mulah would be pretty good. Johan reckons its who will go the furtherest for the least money...I'm foreign here so I automatically ask less in comparison the aussie dollar. Thats the stereotypical view I have of myself. Anyway, he said to me last night that I'm changing in character and appearence. Character yes because I'm calm most days and then really bipolar another day. But thats because I have a bit of confidence back. After being really depressed in Australia for 3 months I felt like crap coming back here and then having to deal with Veronique. Then the Cayden thing started and somewhere along the line I just felt like I wasnt worth too much anymore. Sure I jump around and say 'Ohhhh miso hawwttt' but most of the times I'm just bullshitting around. Now I can look at my photos and go 'hey even the unphotoshopped ones look pretty good'. So that gave me a bit of a boost. Appearence is all makeup with photography so they cant be taken that seriously. My zits have been kept to a very bare minimum thanks to proactiv (worships). And I lost a kilo doing nothing. The only part I would like to lose weight on is my arms but yeah what can you do with that. Bleh.

I have a bit of new addiction, on the yoville profile site you can make balloons and I found a guide on how to make alll different balloons. I'm trying to fill up my collection to make it all colourful...and splattered Krystles profile (sorry ^-^).... I just pressed the detect button on LJ and it says I'm in Zele...thats like 15kms from here! Or maybe the server is there, I do not know.

Tags: boyfriend, ex boyfriends, modelling, yoville
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