May 17th, 2010

Sickness - It's Jans Fault!

I started feeling sick yesterday. Steven was complaining that he feels like he has the flu. Men. Whenever theyre sick theyre dying.

I got up this morning with a full blown cold so I snorted my Otrivine and felt a bit better. However I haven't felt well the entire day. About an hour ago I thought I was going to faint.

I went to jan's office when i went to check the fax's and he has the same cold. It seems everyone that has been in contact with him has the cold. So I blame him.

I studied chapter 7 of Hindi today so I can relax a bit tonight. I'll play around with Mudbox because I dont think steven will play and Danny almost never plays on wednesday. I modelled a face yesterday  with stevens help and it came out quite cool in the end. He showed me how to model the eye sockets and I ended up making the rest of the face. Im going to try to make the ears tonight and work on the jaw line.
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