December 19th, 2009

The make steven quit smoking campaign

This morning, Steven and I had a discussion about his smoking habit. He smokes approx a third of a packet per day, more if he drinks, less if he's not doing anything. The discussion started when he opened up his new packet and saw the lung cancer thing picture on there and he said yeah my grandmother died from lung cancer on the day of my communion... I said to him immediately well you should quit smoking too since your showing signs of lung disorders. He sounded very scared and confused and was like how then?? Well your cough and your fingernails are becoming clubbed (not a direct lung cancer sign but one of them). He then when on to explain that since his life was so unbalanced and such he took up smoking to keep him calm and now since everything is coming back into balance he would like to quit. And he also thinks regularly on the health implications. But he doesnt want to get stressed out and gain weight. I admitted to always stealing his cigarettes when we go out together so that he doesnt get tempted by the packet. And it works. But the hard thing is that so many other friends of ours smoke and will ask if he wants one. So he's going to the doctor and asking which would be the best method for him. Cold turkey will make him go nuts and cutting down isnt really a solution since he's already cut down...I said nicorette patches and hes thinking more along the lines of meds. In other news, I did my xmas shopping, sad i wont be in belgium for the holidays but oh well such is life :( Returning around the 20th, booking the flight on monday. Contemplating removing my nipple piercings since i hurt myself yet again.

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