November 24th, 2009

Mmmm pizza....vs nausea

I had a craving for Pizza hut but had no one to go with :( And probably isn't the best idea for pre Australia dieting. Went to Zele to get food for the beardies and then to Lokeren to look for some stuff in Blokker...of course the Promo was there and I went in looking for a new cardi. I found a plain black one and then Steven's words went through my mind + his mum's...I wanted to buy it anyway since I really needed a new one...then i saw an Ed Hardy take off from Crazy cat or something. It was double the price but so yummy and warmmmmm so i bought it lol. He hasn't seen it yet, i hid it when i got home lol. Im sure Tatjana will steal it though <.<

Steven came home too late for school and he was dead. With the weather as it is I would hate to be up on the ladder pulling down signs like he does. But lets hope he can keep the job since he likes the people he's working with and pays alright. And his arms are getting bigger lol. We ended up ordering pizza from one of the turkish places in Lokeren, only took them a bloody hour to deliver it. It was really good with shaorma meat and everything. We had a large and medium and it was all gone lol. Between me, steven and wesley food goes pretty fast around here.

Still have to study for exams, its shit I have to do them right before i leave. Steven organised to go to Brussels on the 5th, it was originally meant to be this saturday so that I could pack my shit on the 5th and spend the rest of the day in bed with Steven.Then going out at night to d'afspanning, it will be a very long day and then having to depart from my sweet hubby for 6 weeks :( Everything has gone insanely fast since the wedding and with uni and everything bleh.

Tomorrow, definately studying and doing the translation tests for that translation agency thingo that emailed me. Cleaning out the beardies and cleaning upstairs, hope to god wesley has thrown out anything im not meant to see *shudder*
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