Sickness - It's Jans Fault!

I started feeling sick yesterday. Steven was complaining that he feels like he has the flu. Men. Whenever theyre sick theyre dying.

I got up this morning with a full blown cold so I snorted my Otrivine and felt a bit better. However I haven't felt well the entire day. About an hour ago I thought I was going to faint.

I went to jan's office when i went to check the fax's and he has the same cold. It seems everyone that has been in contact with him has the cold. So I blame him.

I studied chapter 7 of Hindi today so I can relax a bit tonight. I'll play around with Mudbox because I dont think steven will play and Danny almost never plays on wednesday. I modelled a face yesterday  with stevens help and it came out quite cool in the end. He showed me how to model the eye sockets and I ended up making the rest of the face. Im going to try to make the ears tonight and work on the jaw line.
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(no subject)

* says:
 zachtee dromen 
>.< Caviake >.< says:
 nee harde   
* says:
 hard en heet
>.< Caviake >.< says:
 ohhhhhh yeah 
* says:
 ik heb gesiteren gedroomd over de power rangers


Amber Thurecht schijtweekend weer :(

<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... >52 minutes ago · ·
Melissa De Page
52 minutes ago ·
Amber Thurecht
Amber Thurecht
vriendin van mij is gestorven,kreeg van de morgen het nieuws toe
51 minutes ago ·
Melissa De Page
Melissa De Page
ma meiske toch :( *huggies* veel sterkte
50 minutes ago ·
Amber Thurecht
Amber Thurecht
dank u :(
49 minutes ago ·
Thierry Keuppens
Thierry Keuppens
:-( Je hebt al aardig wat tegenslag te verwerken gekregen de laatste tijd. Hou je goed! x
45 minutes ago ·
Joshua Kiss
Joshua Kiss
I have no clue what it means, but I know it's German.
Why was the weekend shit?
44 minutes ago ·
David Boerjan
David Boerjan
veel sterkte
10 minutes ago ·
Dieter Nathan Saerens
Dieter Nathan Saerens
sterkte lieverd ...
6 minutes ago ·

look at Joshua Kiss. What a tard.

Baby names...

Girl Names


Boy Names

Lance (after my grandpa)

Thats all I thought of so far. Would like middle name if it was a boy as either Ross or Steven Ross. For a girl the middle name would be good as Keitha or Loretta XD



Tomorrow I'm going for my learners licence. I studied today and I feel confident in going for it tomorrow. I pass the practice ones always and in te quiz section i get 100 or 99 % I've found the dutch really really hard but there is no point in doing it in english.

If I do get it im going to rub it in wes's face. Erna paid him out last night because i was going for it while we had our sushi party. He just stuck his head in his magazine and looked embarrassed.

I'm sitting on the fence still. It's a comfy fence.
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Uni Freak out

So last night I was looking through things to put on my LANGUAGES Jottit and I emailed my lecturer. This morning while I was going through the course material from 2 years ago I made the horrible discovery that you dont need to make a jottit for you major topic but for your minor topic. That gave me the righ tou shits. Which also meant I was on the wrong path for assignment 3a which I have to get done by Friday so I can submit it before the weekend so i can enjoy the last few days in Australia. I was also under the impression that the articles, books and journals mentioned on the issues part of blackboard were things that we had to read. So i was busily working away trying to find these things. I even had planned to go see joel this morning and then head over to the state library and find them all since I would have no hope of finding them in belgium. Which also meant I would be doing assignment 2 before I had to leave which is due in another month.  DO NOT WANT.  But yes the announce board mentioned and email which got sent out about assignment the CDU email system. I went to CDU website to see if I could get into that but then I discovered you needed to activate your account. I filled in the form and came to part of student number...woops I didnt ever get one from them only my OUA which you use to access everything. This was at 7:30 so I rang learnline support and they referred me to student services *waits hour* I called them and got this woman called Gale. She sounded half drugged. She looked up my name and apparently I'm not in the system. I'm not enrolled in any courses with OUA or CDU but I have access to black board and everything else. HMMMMMM. She's going to look into it and she recommended that I call my lecturer in the mean time to see if she could forward the email to my personal one.

I picked up the phone with shakey hands since this was the first time i've ever called a lecturer and didnt quite know what to expect. She sounded just like my nonna but wayyyy friendlier and she answered all my questions and will forward the email to me. After this relief I got a good bit done of my 3a so tomorrow when I do head over to the state library with matt I will have an idea of what to do and what I dont have to do. Thank jebus.

I only got to speak to steven very briefly since he was playing around with Maya and I was busy losing my marbles. He suggested I go out and do something fun today so soon I'll be shutting off and heading into the city for some takoyaki, archives and ddr. Then dentist -_-.

I've lost a bit of weight I'm almost at 52kgs again so I'm beating nastassia in our race to perfection lol.  But i played 1.5 hours of ddr yesterday and ate fruit salad and other healthy things....salad and chicken mainly. Takoyaki will be my splurge and I will ddr it off. I havent had any side effects regarding weight gain from the pill...yet. But I'm happy I actually got Yaz my skin is a bit better too!
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Uni rant.

So I do not like Charles Darwin Uni. They are confusing and give you very little explanation unless you send a million emails to your lecturer(s) I'm hoping UniSA will be better for hindi...and I also have to find something at Griffith. Contested knowledges is interesting however it makes you paranoid and has basically no use. I dont care about Yolngu languages!!!!!! blegh.

I've been putting stuff on ebay for mum but the photo uploader refuses to upload. So the load of cllothes that has been sitting on the railing will have to wait until ebay stops being a dick.

Not too long before I come back to belgium! YAYYYY I think were going to d'afspanning on the saturday but it will first be lots of (special) cuddles from Steven ^^ I decided im getting him the Digital lighting and rendering book for his birthday and just having it delivered to him without telling him that i'm actually getting him anything. However i'm not sure if he will get me anything since he didnt for xmas/ny. I just got him a cool tshirt hell shirt. Or you know maye I could just annoy him and wrap it up in black paper and bright red ribbon :P

I need to look for a new piercing studio for when I come back but ehhhh I still have time :P
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The make steven quit smoking campaign

This morning, Steven and I had a discussion about his smoking habit. He smokes approx a third of a packet per day, more if he drinks, less if he's not doing anything. The discussion started when he opened up his new packet and saw the lung cancer thing picture on there and he said yeah my grandmother died from lung cancer on the day of my communion... I said to him immediately well you should quit smoking too since your showing signs of lung disorders. He sounded very scared and confused and was like how then?? Well your cough and your fingernails are becoming clubbed (not a direct lung cancer sign but one of them). He then when on to explain that since his life was so unbalanced and such he took up smoking to keep him calm and now since everything is coming back into balance he would like to quit. And he also thinks regularly on the health implications. But he doesnt want to get stressed out and gain weight. I admitted to always stealing his cigarettes when we go out together so that he doesnt get tempted by the packet. And it works. But the hard thing is that so many other friends of ours smoke and will ask if he wants one. So he's going to the doctor and asking which would be the best method for him. Cold turkey will make him go nuts and cutting down isnt really a solution since he's already cut down...I said nicorette patches and hes thinking more along the lines of meds. In other news, I did my xmas shopping, sad i wont be in belgium for the holidays but oh well such is life :( Returning around the 20th, booking the flight on monday. Contemplating removing my nipple piercings since i hurt myself yet again.

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Mmmm pizza....vs nausea

I had a craving for Pizza hut but had no one to go with :( And probably isn't the best idea for pre Australia dieting. Went to Zele to get food for the beardies and then to Lokeren to look for some stuff in Blokker...of course the Promo was there and I went in looking for a new cardi. I found a plain black one and then Steven's words went through my mind + his mum's...I wanted to buy it anyway since I really needed a new one...then i saw an Ed Hardy take off from Crazy cat or something. It was double the price but so yummy and warmmmmm so i bought it lol. He hasn't seen it yet, i hid it when i got home lol. Im sure Tatjana will steal it though <.<

Steven came home too late for school and he was dead. With the weather as it is I would hate to be up on the ladder pulling down signs like he does. But lets hope he can keep the job since he likes the people he's working with and pays alright. And his arms are getting bigger lol. We ended up ordering pizza from one of the turkish places in Lokeren, only took them a bloody hour to deliver it. It was really good with shaorma meat and everything. We had a large and medium and it was all gone lol. Between me, steven and wesley food goes pretty fast around here.

Still have to study for exams, its shit I have to do them right before i leave. Steven organised to go to Brussels on the 5th, it was originally meant to be this saturday so that I could pack my shit on the 5th and spend the rest of the day in bed with Steven.Then going out at night to d'afspanning, it will be a very long day and then having to depart from my sweet hubby for 6 weeks :( Everything has gone insanely fast since the wedding and with uni and everything bleh.

Tomorrow, definately studying and doing the translation tests for that translation agency thingo that emailed me. Cleaning out the beardies and cleaning upstairs, hope to god wesley has thrown out anything im not meant to see *shudder*
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